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    Terms and conditions of sale

    Product presentation

    The products on this website are described and presented as faithfully as possible.

    Price of Products

    All product prices do not include VAT at the legal rate.
    Product prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.
    In the event of price changes, products will be billed at the price in effect during the order placement.

    Credit Opening

    In order for Mais Automação to authorize the product supply on credit, the customer must request the opening of a current account, with this document. After the request, Mais Automação will be able to authorize the supply on credit and inform on the amount and the credit limit.
    Mais Automação can revoke the authorization of supply on credit, without any prior notice, as well as change the credit limit value.
    In the first order, the payment must be in prompt payment through an Invoice / Receipt.

    Supply / shipping

    Mais Automação is responsible for supplying the customer with the products ordered and under the agreed conditions. Whenever, there is a reason for debiting expenses inherent to transportation, special packaging, or other specific shipping services, these will be referenced in the Invoice or in the Debit Note.
    After shipping by Mais Automação, including during transportation, the products are at the customer's risk, who is responsible for providing insurance or other protection services, unless the transportation is provided by Mais Automação.
    For orders with a net value of less than €100, with delivery on the continent, postage will be charged in the amount of €6.50 + VAT at the legal rate.
    For orders with a net value of more than €100, but less than €200 with delivery on the continent, shipping costs of €4.50 + VAT at the legal rate in force will be charged. All orders with a net value equal to or greater than €200 will be delivered free of shipping costs.
    Note: For orders of less than €25, it will be charged €5 for handling and processing costs.


    The financial discounts practiced by Mais Automação are as follows:
    - Sale on Credit, with prompt payment………………………………………………………….4%
    - Sale on Credit, with payment within 30 days ……………………………………………… 2%
    - Sale on Credit, with payment within 60 days ………………………………… .....… ..No discount
    - After 60 days …………………………………………………………… ....Debt with default interest
    - After 75 days: Supply suspension until settlement of the amounts due.

    Product Returns / Complaints

    Returns and complaints will only be accepted within a maximum period of 30 days after the date of delivery. These should be addressed in writing to Mais Automação using the respective form to state the reason for return and reference the supply document.
    The acceptance is subject to Mais Automação approval, whose decision will later be communicated to the customer.
    Returns whose reasons are unrelated to our services will always have a minimum devaluation of 10% to cover transportation, administrative and restocking costs.
    The following will not be accepted for return:
    - The product (s) purchased by Invoice / Receipt.
    - The product (s) which, due to their quantity or specification, are not part of Mais Automação's normal stock.
    - The product (s) that are not in the shipping conditions of Mais Automação. Packaging and / or products must not be physically damaged.

    Technical assistance and breakdowns

    Mais Automação guarantees technical assistance to all marketed products. Mais Automação guarantees the quality and good functioning of the marketed products. All marketed products sold by Mais Automação have a warranty of 12 months.
    The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use or normal wear due to use of the product (s) or extraordinary phenomena that may occur and cause degradation in the product (s).

    Limitations of liability

    In no event will Mais Automação be liable for any accidental or indirect damages. The maximum cumulative liability of Mais Automação in relation to any other claims and liabilities, including those related to direct damages and obligations under any indemnity, whether insured or not, will not exceed the cost of the product (s) that gave rise to action or responsibility.


    In the event of a dispute, the jurisdiction is of the Porto District Court, expressly waiving any other. All communications made by Mais Automação to the customer, as well as citations and notifications in legal proceedings, will be made to the address contained in a written contract signed by both parties or, in the its absence, to the address contained on the invoices issued by Mais Automação, unless another address has since been indicated by registered mail with return receipt.

    Changes to the website

    Mais Automação reserves the right to make, without prior notice, the changes deemed necessary on its website. As a result, Mais Automação may change, delete or add content and services provided through the web or the form or location in which they are presented on the website.

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