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    Quality policy

    The business strategy of MAIS AUTOMAÇÃO is guided by the commitment and dedication of its Employees and in partnership with the Suppliers to meet the expectations of the Clients in the perspective of being recognized as a reference in the Electric Sector.

    The Quality Policy is based on the following Principles:

    • Ensure the supply of Products that meet the requirements of Customers and legal and regulatory requirements;

    • Make a commitment to Quality in order to create and maintain the Quality Management System that ensures compliance with the requirements of the NP EN ISO 9001 standard and allows for the systematization of a set of simple and effective rules for all Employees;

    • Promote the well-being of Employees and their personal and professional development, providing adequate means for the exercise of their functions;

    • Seek the involvement of Employees in the objectives and in the improvement of the Quality Management System;

    • Encourage initiative to work and technical competence as a team in continuous improvement processes;

    • Invest in streamlining of processes and in better operational techniques using resources efficiently;

    • Promote the relationship with the Clients, seeking to respond to the commitments made and boost the sustained growth in the national and international market.

    Only with the commitment and involvement of EVERYONE will it be possible to implement this Policy.


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