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    Comments (0) Inverter CR700


    The specific model to crane functions

    Anti-sway function | Load balance function without encoder | High-speed operation at light loads | Synchronized position control

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    Comments (0) Pluggable Multi-Pole SPD

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    Comments (0) Level sensors - CELDUC

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    Comments (0) Happy Easter! | Boa Páscoa!

    Comments (0) Metal energy pillars

    Available by special order only.

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    Comments (0) New MERZ Switches

    Soon available in stock:
    3 e 4 póles | 63 to 125A

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    Comments (0) Teknomega News ⚡️

    New Power terminal blocks from 125 to 400A by TEKNOMEGA ⚡️

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    Comments (0) Automatic power-factor correction

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    Comments (0) WALLBOX - The PCE charger

    New PCE charger to electric vehicles

    We are delighted to present our first electric vehicle charger solution from PC Electric.

    Main features:

    • Connection: 230 or 400V AC (single or three phase), 50Hz;
    • Type 2 socket with locking actuator;
    • Maximum power: 22kW;
    • Adjustable charging current: 6A,...

    Comments (0) New residual current circuit breakers - EFI-P

    New residual current circuit breakers - EFI-P da ETI 🆕

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