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    Return policy

    Product Returns and Claims will only be accepted within a maximum of 30 days upon the date of delivery. These have to be addressed in writing to MAIS AUTOMAÇÃO by using the respective form where the return/claim reason and the delivery document have to be indicated.

    The acceptance is subject to the approval of MAIS AUTOMAÇÃO, whose decision will be then communicated to the client.

    In returns requested for reasons unrelated to our services, if accepted, it will always suffer a minimum devaluation of 10% to cover transport, administrative and restorage costs.

    Returns that will not be accepted:

    •The product(s) purchased by Invoice-Receipt.

    •The product(s) which by its quantity or specification are not part of MAIS AUTOMAÇÃO normal stock.

    •The product(s) that are not in the shipping conditions of MAIS AUTOMAÇÃO. Packaging and/or products must not be physically damaged.

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