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    Cookies policy

    By using Mais Automação website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with this Policy. In this text, Mais Automação details the information related to the Cookies used on the website, as well as the purposes of their use. This website may also contain links - namely for sharing on social networks - to other websites or applications including, for example, those that are the responsibility of regular partners, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube or Google. If the user accesses any of these websites through one of these links, he/she must bear in mind that the respective Cookies Policies are the sole responsibility of the entities that manage them. For this reason, the user should read the Cookies Policies of those other platforms or applications before using them.

    Cookies are small text files with relevant information hat your device (computer, mobile phone, smartphone or tablet) loads through an internet browser, when you visit a website. The placement of cookies not only helps the website to recognize the user's device the next time the user visits it, but it also are indispensable for their operation. The cookies used by Mais Automação never collect personal information that allows the user to be identified. The cookies only save generic information, namely, the user's form or location/country of access and the way the user uses the websites, among others. Cookies only retain information related to user preferences. At any time, the user can, through his browser, decide to be notified about the receipt of cookies. It should be noted, however, that the refusing cookies on the website will decrease the quality of the digital experience and may result in the impossibility of having access to some of the pages on the website.

    In general, cookies are used to enhance the user’s browsing experience, increasing the speed and response quality of the website. Cookies also remove the need to repeatedly enter the same information and help to determine which advertising messages that the user see are relevant and fit their interests, thus improving the usefulness and interest of the digital experience when consulting our website.

    Each cookie used has a function and a validity, as explained below.
    2.1 Regarding their function, the cookies used can be:
    2.1.1. Essential cookies: Some cookies are essential for browsing the website. Without these cookies, the correct viewing of some pages may be compromised.
    2.1.2. Functionality Cookies: These cookies allow the website to provide improved functionality and customization by remembering the choices the user has made (such as the preferred language or geographic location). For example, cookies avoid having to enter your name or email address each time you send us a message or make a reservation request using one of our forms. The information these cookies collect is anonymized and never tracks your browsing activity on other websites.
    2.1.3. Analytic cookies: These cookies are used to analyze how users use the website, allowing to highlight articles or services that may be of interest to users and to monitor the performance of the website. This way it is possible to find out which pages are most popular, which method of linking between pages is most effective or to determine why some pages are receiving error messages or have no visitors. These cookies are used only for the purposes of statistical analysis and creation, without ever collecting personal information. All the information collected by these cookies is aggregated in non-personal indicators and therefore anonymous.
    2.1.4. Third Party / Advertising Cookies: These are cookies from external entities (third parties), namely Google and the various social networks mentioned above. These cookies are useful to target advertising according to the interests of each user and the number of visits made, also allowing to limit the number of times an ad is viewed. These cookies also help to measure the effectiveness of ads. They can be used by third party companies to build a profile of the user's interests to show you relevant advertising from Mais Automação on those same websites. In this case, personal information is also never stored, as these cookies uniquely identify the browser and internet connection device used.
    2.2 Regarding validity, the cookies used can be:
    2.2.1. Permanent cookies: These cookies are stored at the web browser level on your access devices (computer, mobile phone/smartphone or tablet) and are used whenever the user makes a new visit to the website.
    2.2.2. Session cookies: These cookies are temporary and are available until you leave the website. The next time the user access their web browser these cookies are no longer stored. The information collected by these cookies allows to manage sessions, identify potential problems and provide a better browsing experience.


    In compliance with the current legislation in force, with the exception of strictly necessary cookies and performance cookies, this website can only use any other cookie with the user's prior and express consent. It is important to note that the use of Cookies is essential for the correct functioning of the website in its entirety, so its acceptance is recommended.

    By using the Mais Automação website, the user is consenting to the use of cookies in accordance with this Policy. Once the user authorizes the use of cookies, he/she can at any time revert this decision, and disable some or all the just mentioned cookies. Most browsers allow control over the Cookies stored on the visitor's devices, as well as their immediate elimination, in case the user wishes to stop allowing the local storage of Cookies. Users can always configure their devices and browsers to accept some or all Cookies, to notify them whenever a cookie is issued, or even to never receive Cookies. In order for the user to manage their Cookies in a simple and intuitive manner from their browser, the user can use one of the following links:
    • For more information on “Private Browsing” and Cookie management in the Firefox browser, click here:

    • For more information on “Browsing as Incognito” and Cookie management in the Chrome browser, click here:

    • For more information on “Private Browsing” and Cookie management from the Internet Explorer browser, click here:

    • For more information on “Private Browsing” and Cookie management from Safari, click here:

    • For more information on “Private Browsing” and Cookie management in the Opera browser, click here:

    For information on Cookies, the instructions and manuals for each browser used must be consulted. For even more information about cookies and their use, see the following links:
    • Microsoft Cookies guide
    • All About Cookies
    However, we reaffirm that, by disabling cookies, Mais Automação website may not work with the desired quality.

    Our newsletters contain, for statistical purposes, images which allow us to know if they are open or not, and to check clicks through links in the newsletter. The user always has the possibility to disable sending the promotional newsletter to their email address, by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of all our newsletters.

    Mais Automação reserves the right to make changes or updates to this Cookie Policy at any time, being these duly updated on the website. We suggest the user to regularly check this policy to be aware of any changes.



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